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Auto-Surf Sites paying

make more $50 per month

These exemples are calculated only for mining Basic (Recomend Upgrade), without other tasks and without referrals, so you can earn more!!!!


Site $/Minute     Extras
Cashmining  0.00020 Bonus + Task, Jobs, Rewards by minutes and Mining - Diferent MemeberĀ“s Level Up (recomend upgrade) and Earn more
Cashminingbot 0.00010
Fancitos 0.00010
Cashmining.forumforyou 0.00005
Moneyspais 0.00003
Ytverts 0.00003 25000 coins = $1 + Lucky Wheel + Bonus and Coupons Only promotion
Wallets Used:
Easy Application for Payment Proof: LightShot